"One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself." - Leonardo da Vinci

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The Art by Olga -  Slavic Influence Mythology, Naive Painting, History of Toowoomba, Ancient Egypt & Greek, Abstract Painting

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Slavic Influence oil painting


“The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place; from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web.”
Pablo Picasso, 1881-1973



Mavka - Nymph of Nature

100cmm x 80cm

acrylic on canvas

Olga Lutsenko was born in Ukraine. Both of her parents were creative people within their own fields: the mother was a teacher and professional singer, while her father was an engineer and an inventor. The parents and grandmother have encouraged artistic talent in Olga during childhood with wonderful storytelling, dream interpretation and folk teachings. This generated a strong interest, which made Olga truly believe in all of the facets of the fantasy world with its diversity of picturesque colours and forms. She began creating: interpreting, feeling, learning and experiences through the eyes of a curious child.


Olga started working after study as an architect in city council of Kiev. She also worked as an engineer in National Scientific Department experimenting with power and water in Ukraine. Later her career took Olga to Siberia to work as senior architect in Baikal (Amur Mail Lane Construction in Siberia). Further Olga worked as a senior designer in Health Resort project (Moscow). She also worked as a senior interior designer/architect in Deck-Art (Kiev). Once arrived in Australia she worked a curator for Western Gallery and an artist. Consequently, Olga is a professional architect, interior designer, artist, silk painter, folk art artist, etching, sculpture; all of which contribute to her depth of artistic expression and aesthetic quality.


However, irrelevantly of where life took Olga, her soul always brought her back to her art:

“I paint because it has brought me more satisfaction and pleasure than anything else in my life, and I hope that this will continue. I paint with great emotion. To me painting is a process and stage in my life. You can understand and read me through my paintings. My goal is to create story with feelings, beautify, movement. My art is an escape from reality, but it gives a greater beauty that maybe a higher reality”.


Olga undertook an intensive study of painting at the Ukrainian Folk Art School, which granted her the honorary title of Master if Folk Art. This allowed for Olga to produce forms that were once rooted in the ancient traditions, songs, storytelling, myths and life experiences of her childhood. Ethnography studies helped to understand significance, believes, heritage which she wished to share with the world:


“I paint for the survival of my soul irrespective of the circumstances in my life. I feel like I can express myself, my inner pains and gains, through the wonderful world of art”.


The art should be positive, free, romantic, encouraging and deeply beautiful; something like a precious jewel, something which you cannot do without.


“Today like every other day, we wake up empty

And frightened, don’t open the door to the

Study and begin reading. Take down a

Musical instrument.

Let the beauty we love be what we do.

There are hundreds of ways to kneel and

Kiss the ground”.



Life’s beauty and harmony are the most important and necessary ingredients in art. Olga entwines the magnificence of harmony in nature in her art, which when combined with the experiences and feelings, creates the history and its interpretations. Art is not just a moment; rather it is a reflection of a lifetime of moments.

Olga’s great interest in different cultures and arts has inspired her to intensely travel through East, West, North and South. She encountered many different cultures and acquired a consuming passion for them. She visited many major art exhibitions all over the world and underwent extensive study at one of the world’s leading art colleges at Heritage State Museum in St Petersburg.


Olga’s own style draws from these powerful influences, in addition to her inner artistic bold concepts of colours and forms, which ingrain energy and mood into all of her work mediums:


“Art has to touch you somewhere.

In art I can paint life as I see it.

I like my work to touch people’s minds where they have never been touched before. I hope by doing so I am helping them to discover themselves”.


Her broad range of expressive styles including sculpture, clay works, textiles, etching, silk screening, linocut, mix medium, oil and acrylic, range from the highly detailed traditional through to the abstract expression:


“My inspiration combines European Primitive and Naïve Arts, as well as an association with the Art Nouveau (where the decorative elements are autonomous within the work of art) and Symbolism which allows me going beyond realism and express in work the mysterious and ambiguous realm of the imagination”.


Olga believes that we are part of the earth and the earth is part of us. Through the ages, humans altered their environment; hence, achieving harmony with nature is critical for our survival. The artist has appropriated images from the natural world to express its regenerative power and the urgency of us being the catalyst for the sustainability and prosperity of the nature:


“Artists can do good for others only if they demonstrate a feasible way of creation thus giving hope through introducing patterns of life and possible ways of recreation and appreciation of harmony amongst everything alive. The artist has the duty to give people hope. I demonstrate to people a paradise that can belong to everyone if only they will reach out for it.

I think artists should care.

If something is horrible, they must fight it and make it better.

If it is ugly, they must make it beautiful.

If something is pervious, they must try to untangle that perversity.

If something is convoluted, we have to try to even it out”.


“When God said: “My hands are yours”

I saw that I could heal any creature in

this world.

I saw that the divine beauty in each


Is in the root of all time and space.”


Some of my work you can see at

Gallery2 ON EDWARD

2B Edward Street
Old Mineral House


Helen of Troy

120cmm x 90cm

acrylic on linen canvas


Exhibition At Logan Art Gallery 2009

Fiona Hall and Olga Lutsenko

Fiona Hall and Olga Lutsenko




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Slavic Influence oil painting


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Olga Lutsenko, Art Studio & Gallery Brisbane, Australia Exhibition oil painting