"One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself." - Leonardo da Vinci

Di Watson photo of Olga Lutsenko

Art Studio & Gallery Brisbane, Australia

Olga Lutsenko

Art Studio & Gallery

The Art by Olga -  Slavic Influence Mythology, Naive Painting, History of Toowoomba, Ancient Egypt & Greek, Abstract Painting

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Slavic Influence oil painting


“The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place; from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web.”
Pablo Picasso, 1881-1973

             qld exhibitions           


Solo exhibitions


            2008                Olga’s Gallery, Camp Hill, Brisbane

2008                Graydon Gallery, New Farm, Brisbane

2007                Graydon Gallery, New Farm, Brisbane

2007                Circle Gallery, West End, Brisbane

2004                Jeck’s Gallery, Toowoomba

2000                Western Gallery, Toowoomba

1999                Western Gallery, Toowoomba

1998                Western Gallery, Toowoomba




2008                Private collection of Doctor Paul Angel, Redcliff

2006                Scarborough Majellan Medical Centre, Redcliff

2004                Private collection of Huge David Allen, Sydney

2000                Private collection of Neil O’Sullivan, Toowoomba

1999                Private collection of Malcolm Oxenbridge, Toowoomba

                                    (Director of Western Gallery)  

            1998                O’Sullivan – Solicitors Firm, Toowoomba 


Group exhibitions


1.          "Midday in the Garden of Good and Evil" ‑ September 1998

2.          "A Show of Minds' ‑ October, November 1998

3.          "A Chic Things‑ December 1998

4.          "Art for Sale" ‑ December 1998

5.          "Wildlife Exhibition" ‑ March 1999

6.          "Toowoomba Gramma School Art Show' ‑ 1999

7.          "Heritage City Art Festival"‑ June 1999 (Highly Commended)

8.          "Downlands 13th Annual Art Exhibition' ‑ July 1999

9.          ''Gatten Shire 7th Annual Art Exhibition" ‑ August 1999

10.        "The 27th Caloundra Arts and Craft Festival' ‑ August 1999

11         "The 31st Ernest Henry Memorial Art Show" ‑ September 1999

12.        "Laidley Shire 15th Annual Art Show' ‑ October 1999

13.        "Bundaberg Art Exhibition' ‑ 12th and 16th of October 1999 (Winter)

14.        "Martin Hanson Memorial Aft Awards"‑ December 1999

15.        "Dichotomies' ‑ Toowoomba Regional Galleries December 1999

16.        "Art Alive" ‑ Galleries March 2000

17.        "Grammer School Art Show' ‑ March 2000

18.        "Wildlife‑ ‑ Western Galleries April 2000

19.        "Downlands 14th Annual Art Exhibition" ‑ July 2000

20.        "Bundaberg Art Exhibition' ‑ October 2000 (Winner of Section)

21.        "New Treasury Exhibition" ‑ May 2001

22.        "Exotic Beauty' ‑ November 2002

23.        "My art Exhibition ‑ ‑ 2004

24.        "Glenda Gallery Show" ‑ 2004

25.        "History of Toowoomba' ‑ solo exhibition, 2004 (sold to private collections to

             Huge David Allen)

26.        ''Gramma School Art Show" ‑ March 2005

27.        "My art Spring' ‑ September 2005

28.        "Downlands Art Exhibition" ‑ July 2005

             and Show" ‑ August 2005

30.        Work for private collections ‑ 2006


Graydon Gallery, 29 Merthyr Road, New Farm

30 September - 12 October 2008




Olga’s art has been purchased for the private collections in Australia, Europe, Asia and USA.




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Slavic Influence oil painting


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